Tok & Stok






project description

In 2019, Tok & Stok, one of the biggest furniture retailers in Brazil, wanted to create their own mobile app, with the main intent to expand their presence as an omnichannel retailer with integrated experiences between all the channels. The main challenge was to harmonize the capabilities of the mobile technology with the physical and digital presence of the brand, as well as defining the MVP priorities, based on previous research and the objectives of the main stakeholders. The starting point of the project was to implement workshop techiniques of the Lean Inception methodology, in which I took part as a mediator of the activities. Subsequently, I worked on the prototype of the MVP (which was the definitive validator of the project), and created user flows, research plan, components and screens for the first version of the app, launched in 2020.

main results

After launching, besides the increasing in sales (which, during the pandemic, were specially important for a company that relied a lot in its physical stores), the app allowed Tok & Stok to offer new ways to deliver products and a new purchasing experience for their clients, mainly through an assisted purchasing process within the app (allowing clients to make purchases that could be both confirmed on the app itself or on the store), and also the AR simulator to try the products at home.

team members