Open Finance Santander


Product Design




project description

In 2021, Brazil’s financial system is starting to implement its own Open Banking system, allowing banks and other institutions to share information in between them. In this context, Santander, a multinational bank with a huge operation in Brazil, launched a bunch of new features, allowing users to bring and to share their financial data (based on their preferences and consent), and implementing new PFM (personal financial management) features that allow users to manage data from multiple banking institutions.

main results

Banking operations are commonly perceived as something inherently complicated. During the discovery phase of this project, we concluded that Santander, a traditional, older bank, was gradually being perceived as a more complicated institution, in comparison to newer banks that were born from scratch in digital times. We so decided to focus in simplicity as the main design principle, both for new and redesigned features. After going through exploration frameworks that allowed us to define how this simplicity value should be shared and delivered through the features, it was possible to analyze the results during usability tests and interviews, which allowed us to confirm that the design these solutions were being perceived by the users as valuable, useful, and, more important, simple. From beginning, Santander had 120k registrations from users to share informations, all going through these steps and flows that I helped to design.

team members