Meemo App


UX / UI / DesignOps


2019 - 2020


project description

Founded by Google and Snapchat former engineers, Meemo is a fintech based in San Francisco, USA. Its main goal is to provide tools of financial management and cash transfers through meaningful and mesmerizing experiences for the new financial generation. Its main concept is the "meemo", an automated, thematic gift card, built with the intent to represent a meaningful way to send money for someone. During the period of one and a half year in which I was part of the project, the main challenges were to design the basic elements and components of the product, to establish strategies to enlarge the user base, and to create a design system suitable for both the app and the website channels. My main roles during those challenges were to rebuild the main user flows of the product, to create and start implementing the design system (including principles, tokens and rules for the components), to help with development for the web pages and to manage the design team usign Design Ops methodologies and concepts.

main results

With new strategies for the referral program and for the cash sending flow, we managed to expand the user base for new user profiles, creating more visibility and maturity for the project as whole. Recently, the product was acquired by Coinbase, representing a great achievement for the company.

team members

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